Terms of Sales in case of direct sale


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How to buy a product?

All products listed in this e-shop can be bought. Those in stock, you will be sent immediately. Conversely, those who are not in stock at the time of your order, you will be sent as soon as our suppliers provide us. In the latter case, if the waiting time was longer than usual, you send an e-mail to confirm you still want to buy the product.



Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Ireland

8 working days approx.

Germany, Italy and Austria

Small orders: 2-4 days approx. Medium-Large orders: 8 working days approx.

France, Belguim, Netherlands and Luxembourg

Small orders: about 2-4 working days. Medium-large orders: 8 working days approx.

Spain and Portugal

Approximate delivery of 2-4 working days for product orders in the Peninsula (Portugal 3-5 working days)

Approximate delivery of 6-8 working days in the Balearic Islands

Approximate delivery of 10-15 working days to the Canary Islands

* In Portugal we only deliver to the peninsula


After sales service

In this e-shop put in a special care service for it to be optimal, especially for the purpose of supplying the absence of direct engagement with the client. Any questions you have may be addressed to: [email protected]


Looking for other products

All products we sell are on the web. If you are interested in a product that is not in our catalog or have any suggestions for new products you would like to see in our store, you can write to: [email protected]


Transfer payment

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an e-mail with the total payable and our bank details so you can make the transfer. In this case, the goods will be sent after receiving the faxed proof of payment. Please, to expedite the shipment of your order, be sure to provide this proof by fax: +34 972514015. Before selecting 'transfer' as a payment method, we inform you that your bank may charge you a commission, which may increase the total amount of your purchase.


Credit Card Payment

The charge to your account will be made at the moment of placing the order. Do not be afraid to provide us with your card information: the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) system guarantees the transmission of this information from your computer to our server in a fully encrypted form. To facilitate future purchases, a token will be added (in no case the credit card number). Once we send the token to the redsys secure payment gateway, you must complete the necessary data to make the payment by card. Only charges will be made at the time an order is placed through the web and credit card has been selected as payment method

Payment through PayPal: In this case the Bank does Paypal as an intermediary between the customer and us and is done by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

NOTE: We charges invoices in Euros, so you must use the change in the time of sending the order. As there is an interval of time between when we do the post and when the bank finally materialized this position in the customer's account, it can be affected by the change in currency exchange. This small difference in some cases be advantageous for the client, and other unfavorable and can not be controlled by us. As this difference in recovery is not dependent on us but the banks do not accept any liability in relation to this issue.


Information on pricing

The price of our products is the one indicated at all times on the website, to which must be added the value-added Tax (VAT) of the current general tax rate of 21%, as well as the delivery fees.

During the purchasing process the customer will know the exact amount of his order before confirming the sale. 

The selling process is subject to the current Spanish law, it is therefore understood that the sale transactions will be conducted at the home office of Garcia de Pou, S.A.


Gift policy

Depending on whether there is a promotion at the time of purchase and if your order exceeds a certain amount, there is the possibility that you are offered the option of adding a gift product in your web purchase during the online process.

As the synchronization of stocks is not on real time , if you make an order by bank transfer (which implies a deferred payment of the order) it may be that at the moment of the order preparation we no longer have stock of the gift product . In the case that this happens, we apologize in advance.

We will not be able to send you a gift product in your web order, but when you placea new web order, if you remember it to us, we will send you a gift product as similar as possible to the one we could not have served in the previous order.


Sample request policy

When requesting a product sample, you will not be sent the whole product, but instead a sample of it so that you can see its features and quality. For example, you will be sent one napkin as opposed to a whole pack of napkins. Or, you will be sent a portion of tablecloth roll as opposed to the whole roll.

You may request a maximum of up to 10 samples of different products. You can only request one sample for each product. If you purchase a product, you cannot request a sample of it in the same order, or vice versa.

We will send requested samples according to availability and, in some cases, samples of similar items so that you can see the product’s quality.


Returnings – Warranties

From the delivery date of the product , you have  14 days to return it on its original Packaging ,  and change it for another product or require to be refunded  the amount  , in any of these cases :
·         The size or colour of the product does not fit
·         We have sent you a mistaken product ( we regret about it in advance )
·         In these cases we will assume the costs of return and expedition of the new product and we will repare or change it immediately .
From reception of the goods , you have  36 hours to notify,  by writing  , that the product received is defective or  has been damaged during the transport ( after
this period will cannot accept any complaint ).  In the case you receive less boxes than the ones indicated on the delivery note ( in the moment of reception ) ,
you shall indicate it on the delivery note of the transport company  the missing goods and inform us by telephone or e mail , in order to send them to you .
This last indication will not be effective for situations not described here above . Consequently , in other different situations from the ones described , we will not
be able to assume the costs derived from the return.

What you need to do to return a product is as follows :

·         Contact us through our e mail : [email protected] before returning any product . This is very important to avoid paying costs of import and export .
·         Once you receive an e mail with a number of authorization  , you can return the product. Together with the number of approval , we will also
send you the address and documents needed for this expedition . If you have to return any product , please try to make the parcel as small as possible.
·         To return the goods , please remember to send it on its original packaging together with the documents : instructions , warranty and so on .
 All costs derived from not having contacted us before the return of goods ,  not waited for a number of authorization to return the goods or not
having used the documents facilitaded , will be deducted from our debt with you . We cannot pay any cost from the customer due to the reasons
described .


What to do in case of problems with the warranty?

 We send all goods in its original packaging , instructions and documents supplied by our suppliers . We guarantee the products during the same time
guaranteed  by the suppliers . During this time , we will repare or change any product as soon as we receive it .
Althouth most leader trading marks offer an International Warranty , we believe it is not ethical to sell a product leaving in the hands of the local shops the
possible warranty problems .
As a consequence , in case of warranty problems , simply send us an e-mail and we will forward all necessary information to collect the product at our
expenses to repare it or send it again in the least possible time.


Billing Arrangements

You choose the direction of the bill

Billing address can be your delivery address, but if you want you can choose a different billing address. Just indicate in the purchase process.

Also remember to incorporate the NIF or CIF in the billing address.


Sales conditions application

These conditions apply in case of direct sale. If you are a wholesaler, the sales conditions are the ones applying until now on your non web orders. In case of being a distributor and place an order through our web site, you will not see them until the order has been finalized, in the section of general sales conditions acceptance.