We will notify you by email when a product is restocked

Our products are constantly restocked. However, it may be the case that some of our products are out of stock at a given point in time. In addition to seeing the estimated restocking date, from now on we can send you an email when the product you want is back in stock, so that you are notified as soon as possible and in a personalised manner. The feature ‘LET ME KNOW WHEN STOCK IS AVAILABLE’ is now available on our website and our app.

Would you like to purchase a product, but it is currently unavailable? Well don’t worry, because in the description of any product on our website that is out of stock you will now find the button ‘LET ME KNOW WHEN STOCK IS AVAILABLE’. All you have to do is click on it and we’ll take care of the rest. We will send you an email as soon as the product is back in stock. Remember that in order for us to send you notification, you must be registered as a web user.

‘LET ME KNOW WHEN STOCK IS AVAILABLE’, now available on the web and the app.


From now on, you no longer need to keep an eye on the date. You will instead receive an email notification, so that you don’t miss the date and can place your order immediately. By clicking on the button you can even indicate how many units you want of that product. Once it is restocked, we will send you an email along with a direct link to the product in question, so that you can place your order without wasting time looking for it all over again.

Tell us the number of units and we will send you an email when there is stock.


Remember that if a product is not available and you cannot wait, you have several options, including the ‘SHOW PRODUCTS’ button, which will suggest similar, alternative products to the ones you are looking for. Another option, in case you need to buy an item immediately, is to see if the same product is available in ‘OTHER COLOURS’ or ‘OTHER SIZES’, another feature that you will also find in the product description.

‘OTHER COLOURS’ and ‘OTHER SIZES’ in the description of one of our products.


You can also use the new García de Pou app, which includes all these features, to make purchases and carry out transactions with the added benefit of being able to do so from your mobile or tablet in a fast and intuitive way. If you still do not have our app, you can download it here. Our aim continues to be to improve our service on a daily basis.

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