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We like coffee

Ah, coffee! That aromatic and stimulating beverage that is enjoyed worldwide… A nice cup of coffee hits just the right spot at certain times of the day. It’s an inseparable companion for many people and has become an entire culture unto itself, with its own rites and customs.

There are many different types of coffee. Expresso or black, cappuccino, americano, white coffee, mocha and caramel macchiato… these are just some of the most popular. There are also many different ways to drink coffee. Some prefer it in a mug, others in a glass… And, of course, you have the classic take-away coffee that is so ubiquitous in these “prêt-à-porter” times. Hundreds of consumers pass through cafés, bars and other coffee-selling establishments over the course of a day. How many of them are in a rush? A lot, right? They order a coffee and run off to work, the car, to pick up the kids, to go shopping… Take-away coffee has become an essential comodity.

Single wall hot drink cups

With García de Pou, your establishment can benefit from our range of disposable cardboard cups for hot drinks (pg. 98 and 99). They can be customised and therefore used to enhance your branding strategy as well. We’ve mentioned coffee but these cups can also be used for any other kind of drink. Why not enjoy a tasty tea or hot chocolate anywhere you want? In various colours, thicknesses and sizes, with or without lid, this range offers a highly practical range of cups. We have classic single-wall disposable cups or double-wall cups with a corrugated exterior in kraft or black versions that keep the contents hot while preventing customers from burning their hands. It should be noted that our bagasse lids are made from sugar cane fibre, a totally ecological and biodegradable material. They can be accompanied by a wide range of stirrers and wooden spoons with or without individual wrapping (pg. 68) for the sugar, stevia or sweetener you prefer. All that’s justify to do is print the name or logo of your business on them.

Shall we talk about it over a quick coffee?

Double wall hot drink cups

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