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TIMES: originality and authenticity in a design with vintage style

There must be a reason why the Times design by García de Pou for bags, wraps and cones is one of our best sellers. Besides being practical and functional, it exudes a vintage charm reminiscent of the early 20th century or even earlier. However, it not only just reflects those years but actually recreates them. Times is an original and unique design that imitates newspaper paper and reproduces real adverts from old magazines, in English. We use genuine adverts, we don’t make them up; hence the originality of Times. These adverts are not chosen at random either but rather with the utmost care and always bearing in mind that the multifarious bags, wraps and cones on which this design is used usually contain food. We know that whoever has a Times in their hands will end up reading the adverts, just because; because they catch your eye, because they reflect trends in aesthetics, fashion, health, music, business… In other words, a whole era. That’s why we painstakingly check and assess the suitability of each advert printed on some 40 different items, whether on white or kraft brown.

Mantelines Times - García de Pou

We take adverts from old British magazines in the private library of the Professor of Modern Literature, Albert Rossich, whom we thank from the bottom of our heart for giving us access to them and thereby helping transform Times into such a one-of-a-kind design. The chosen publications include Nash’s Pall Mall Magazine (the adverts reproduced are from 1920-22), The Idler (1893-94) and advertising material from the early 20th century taken from Pages of Time and The Strand Magazine.

Bacchus is another vintage style design by García de Pou that could be considered a variant of Times. We apply this design to special bags for wine and liquor bottles, on which we reproduce old alcoholic beverage adverts on kraft brown. The originality of Bacchus also makes it highly popular.

The fact is that vintage style is in fashion, both here and throughout the rest of Europe. So García de Pou is offering that vintage style in these two designs, with added originality and authenticity as a way to make them unique.

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