La elegancia de la comida para llevar

The elegance of takeaway food

The way we understand gastronomy is changing and a fine example of that is the rise in takeaway deliveries. This service has become a new niche market and a business option for many restaurants not wanting to waste the change to bring their cooking style into every home in the city.

Recent studies on the takeaway delivery sector strongly suggest that this business is growing because its target audience is becoming increasingly more varied. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the core target is made up by young, cosmopolitan people with an average disposable income whose orders in 2017 led to a contribution from the sector to the economy in Spain alone of 2.4 billion euros and an estimated more than 21 billion worldwide.

Take Away pizza | García de Pou

Whether in delivery format or ordered for subsequent collection by the customer, the “ordering take-away” habit has changed enormously in recent years. Nowadays, we have an enormous offer that is ready to be served and enjoyed at home. Trying the best food from around the world in the form of napolitana pizza, Japanese sushi, Indian curry or green shakes and salads is now possible in an elegant takeaway format.

Sushi Take Away | García de Pou

This practice has become a gastronomic experience unto itself. You’ll probably agree with us in that people eat with their eyes before they actually try the food… which is why the right packaging is so important. For example, can you imagine a delicious salad in a  Feel Green container or a lovely selection of Argentinian sandwiches in a designer box or in a tasting menu format? However, Asian food is the most popular. Studies have shown this to be true; 46% of orders last year were for sushi platters served in boxes like these or delicious noodles in microwave-proof packaging.

Take Away | García de Pou

Restaurants wishing to make their food more accessible have to follow a series of rules: protect, keep cool or hot, and meet the regulatory health and hygiene requirements for the food to maintain all its properties. Apart from its mission to catch people’s eye, the packaging should also ensure these characteristics are guaranteed and García de Pou certifies that.

Furthermore, García de Pou can supply customised versions of these products bearing the image of your restaurant or fast food establishment to create a usable brand impact. Customised packaging helps to stand out from the competition and also offers distinction and elegance.

Consult our online catalogue to choose the right product for you and ask us how we can personalise it for you.

With all these things making it so easy, there’s only one thing left to do: what would you like for dinner?

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