People like enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner outside during the summer. Bars, beach bars and restaurants with a terrace, swimming pools, tourist resorts and campsites all become highly popular for pleasant outdoor evenings in the company of friends and family. In order to enable this type of business to offer the best possible service, we present a range of high-quality tableware for outdoor use.

The extra melamine dining set available from García de Pou comes in various colours and formats to provide the ideal characteristics for outdoor use. It is made from a safer material than glass because melamine is unbreakable, pliable and scratch-resistant. It is also dishwasher-proof and environmentally-friendly because it can be reused. It is a lightweight and versatile dining set that is highly practical and safe for use at any meal or event enjoyed outdoors. You can find all the various plates, deep dishes, cups, mugs and bowls in our 2018/19 catalogue (pg. 310 to 312).

For glasses, we have a polycarbonate range (pg. 302 to 204) including various formats and sizes. This high-quality plastic material is also unbreakable and offers a transparent effect that is visually identical to glass. It is also practical, lightweight, pliable and long-lasting. Even though cold drinks are the most popular in summer, these glasses can also be heated in the microwave. They are also very strong, reusable and dishwasher-proof. The range of different sizes mean they are perfect for presenting anything from cold drinks, mixed drinks and shots to shakes, teas and cocktails, as well as any of the other drinks that are so popular during the hot months.

Vajilla de melamina | Garcia de Pou

If you prefer disposable products, we also have polystyrene (PS) glasses that are another good option for presenting all sorts of drinks at outdoor events and celebrations. You can find various models in our catalogue (pg. 104).

With these tableware products, outdoor activities will be safer, more practical and equally stylish.

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