Parole is flooding the streets – Words that reach everybody

Like the fresh autumnal air, Parole is flooding the streets of our cities to become the best type of wrapping around. How better to protect our food than with a Parole-style dress?

Parole takes the shape of a fantastic branded suit, perfectly adaptable and ideal for food items. This disposable product has a vintage-style typographic design, builds an air of casual grace and recalls its Italian inspirations that carry you off to the country of dolce far niente. Its design plays with various graphical styles to add vibrancy to the packaging.

With this new design, we seek to build a positive aura around each food item thanks to an element of magic: the word. “Parole-parole-parole…”, this new range consists of descriptive words, emotive words, festive words and appetising words that accompany each mouthful of your food. We bring you this fun range with different colours and words so that each business can use the products that best suit its gastronomic style.

Our standard design encompasses all formats and includes a wide range of products. You’ll find everything from croissant or sandwich bags to fried food wraps and basket holders, cornets, cups, cones, tubs or shells, among other things.

The design of this product range comes in two varieties. Firstly, we offer wrapping with printed text related to the product inside. These come in oranges, greens, blues, whites and greys. Each one is suited to a particular type of food… Do you fancy eating a lovely salad sandwich in a green Parole or would you prefer a freshly-baked croissant for breakfast in an orange Parole? Secondly, we also offer the Parole SOS bags with generic and positive messages to liven up the lunchtime atmosphere. All these items are made with a mixture of words in different languages and can therefore be used in different countries.

But that’s not all.  With the new Parole range, we are offering all disposable item formats (both hot and cold) no matter where the food is intended for consumption because these items are designed to be useful in shops, trade fairs, food trucks and restaurants. 

Parole also looks after the environment. The products in this range are made in an eco-friendly way and under sustainability criteria, using recyclable and biodegradable materials such as paper or cardboard.

If you would like to see the new trend in catering items, check out our online catalogue. There you will find all the formats, media and colours that best suit each particular product.

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