Novedades catálogo 2018/19 - part 3


There are still a few more new items in our 2018/19 catalogue that we would like to highlight. This time, we would like to present our new doilies made from natural kraft paper, the information stickers with allergy-related information and more additions to the American Style range of baskets, among other things.

To our range of black and white, round and rectangular doilies, we have added some delicate natural kraft paper doilies with ornamental die-cut designs (pg. 207, 225.06 to 225.11, 224.49 and 224.51 to 224.54). These are perfect for presenting tarts, cupcakes and all kinds of baking and pastry products. This paper is greaseproof and—being processed to a lesser degree—keeps its natural brown colour, something that evokes nature and is highly appreciated by consumers.

Due to the proliferation of allergies and food intolerances, regulations now require establishments to inform consumers about the allergenic content of food and drink. In order to make this task easier, we have designed a series of stickers with allergy-related information for take-away and catering establishments on rolls (pg. 259, 224.16) for the 14 allergens that must be declared by law (EU Regulation 1169/2011 and Spanish Royal Decree 126/2015) in order to warn of their presence.

Etiquetas adhesivas alérgenos en rollo

Adhesive allergen labels in roll (224.16)

Staying with our customisable labels and the line of kraft packaging and bags, we have also extended our range with a new type of tape (pg. 224, 222.59) with zig-zag ends to imitate sticky tape. Labels can be customised online and directly printed with the name or logo of your establishment. For example, they can be used for sealing our straps for sandwiches made from greaseproof parchment (pg. 183, 222.52 and 222.53).

Bandas pergamino antigrasas

Straps for sandwiches customized with our designs “Parole” & “Times”

Our line of crockery containers has been expanded to include a tile especially designed to hold a portion of calçots (pg. 319, 222.51). The interior has been enamelled for easy cleaning and its shape helps conserve heat. It is also an excellent choice for the presentation of other garden produce, such as fruit, tomatoes, beetroot, asparagus, etc.

Turning our mind to parties, barbecues, weddings and other similar events, we present our new glass jars in a box (pg. 335, 222.19), perfect for serving juice, ice teas or any other type of refreshment. The jars hold 530 ml and include a metal lid with a hole for a straw, giving them an original vintage look.

The modern American Style range has grown to include new stainless steel baskets (pg. 192 and 193, 222.83 and 224.10 to 224.12) for food presentation with sauce tubs. These join the already existing cone and basket models in steel and wrought iron within the same American Style line, which are highly suited to fast food establishments.

Cestas | American Style

New models of baskets | American Style

Given that we use more and more condiments, spices and sauces to accompany our food these days, we are presenting a new large-sized condiment basket (pg. 305, 222.84) that also has room for utensils, such as chopsticks or small cutlery. For increased convenience, it even has a handle for easy transport between tables.

To our range of bins for hotel rooms, we have added two new steel mesh models (pg. 372, 222.85 and 222.86). Round or square, these lightweight items have been designed to fit in with any kind of decoration.

In terms of bathroom accessories, we have expanded our range of dispensers for hand soap (pg. 354, 225.03), towels (pg. 356, 223.15) and toilet paper (pg. 357, 222.82) to include an ABS series with a very modern-looking silver finish designed to fit in with your taps and other accessories.

With that, we conclude our presentation of the most noteworthy latest additions to our 2018/19 catalogue.

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