We’re still talking about the new features and product range expansions in our catalogue. As part of the continuing replacement of plastic products with environmentally-friendly products, we now present new items made from PLA, wood, carton packaging and bamboo.

We would like to highlight the new line of products made from PLA, a material that besides being made from 100% natural resources such as corn starch, sugar cane or manioc, is the most mature bioplastic in the market. It is a strong and robust biodegradable and compostable material with an elegant appearance that is suitable for food products and freezing. PLA has become a perfect alternative to oil derivatives for disposable products given that it helps care for the environment (it can be treated as organic waste) and reduces our carbon footprint. In our new catalogue, you will find a range of PLA cups and cutlery (pg. 119).

Productos PLA

PLA, new line of products, material made of 100% natural resources

Another reflection of our commitment to environmental responsibility can be found in our increased range of wooden products, a renewable and biodegradable natural resource. Our disposable products include the knife, fork and spoon set in a kraft paper pack (pg. 67, 224.67), as well as the highly durable and modern-looking dark cutlery (pg. 67, 224.17, 224.65, 224.66). We have also added new wooden containers (pg. 69) and sticks for traditional lollies (pg. 109, 221.91), a fashionable product that is in high-demand right now as the summer approaches. In terms of items for prolonged use, we would like to highlight the new buffet boxes that can also be used as risers (pg. 295).

For our carton packaging range, we have added new items made from kraft paper such as the bagel scoop (pg. 226, 223.38), which is ideal for displaying the typical Central European bread sandwiches, Berliners or other round food products, as well as the cake portion box with self-assembly window (pg. 226, 223.40). We also present the wrapping roller for sandwiches, which can be personalised with the logo of your business(pg. 226, 223.39). Similarly, we have expanded the “Bionic” range of disposable plates made from sugar cane. This material had been previously rejected by the food industry and is now being recycled into a useful item. These plates are suitable for the microwave, possess high heat tolerance (-18º to +150º) and are fully compostable, a fine alternative to plastic.

In line with the growing taste for Asian style and its philosophy, we have included more product variety in the bamboo range for this catalogue: some modern-looking menu holders with clip option or black elastic band (pg. 267), some very nice buffet boxes (pg. 292) and some new presentation trays and boards (pg. 293). We are also offering some dark finish chopsticks (pg. 68, 225.04) and a bamboo rolling mat for preparing the best sushi (pg. 74, 224.71).

Porta menu madera

Bamboo table menu with clip option (223.49)

The “Areca” line of palm leaf plates continues to grow with the addition of some new items: square plates, triangular trays… including a tray with cupholder that is perfect for standing events.

Vajilla de hoja de palma | Areca

Palm leaf tableware | “Areca” line

We have also increased the number of card and wooden food markers (pg. 79) to include Gluten Free and Lactose Free. For vegans or those who prefer to consume local produce, we also have the 100% Vegan and Local Produce food markers that are ideal for marking buffet food.

See you soon.

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