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New features in our 2019/2020 catalogue (I)

The new García de Pou catalogue is now a reality, containing more than 300 new products and 5,000 already popular ones. There is also a strong commitment to the eco-friendly range and items made from sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

First of all, we would like to highlight the new “Vichy” design by Like-Linen, a classic design that emulates a fabric table cloth look to evoke a feeling of home-made traditional cuisine. This set of high-quality serviettes, table covers and table cloth rolls are made from Spunlace, a complex viscose and cellulose compound. This material produces strong products that are pleasant to touch, making it seem like they are made from textile fabric. Furthermore, both the raw material and the inks are biodegradable and compostable, so they help look after the environment.

Noves estovalles offset

Offset Table Mats Chop Suey by Edward Hopper

Our artistic efforts this year are represented in the new offset table covers. Each year, we present a new line in various designs and this year is no different as we are offering three new ideas inspired by various works of art. Two of them are famous paintings: Nighthawks and Chop Suey by Edward Hopper, a US painter known for his realistic representations of loneliness in the United States of America. The other table cover is by the painter, Manel Anoro, and was created especially for García de Pou.

Staying with table cloths, we would also like to highlight the inclusion of a new size of “Tú y yo” table cloths. You will now find rolls that are 50cm wide that are intended to increase the size of the area used for plates and cutlery to achieve a greater sense of space on the table.

In order to make take-away food easier to serve at bars and restaurants, we present the new Grill&Go bags. These are biodegradable and allow rolls to be heated inside the bag directly on the grill, sandwich toaster, griddle or oven quickly and more hygienically while maintaining all the tastes and smells. Just heat and serve.

Boses Parole | Paper + Alumini

Paper + Aluminium bags “Parole”

The “Parole” bags now include a new size in paper and aluminium to complete the range of sizes for rolls, pastries and sandwiches. The aluminium layer blocks oils and fats to prevent stains and drips while improving food conservation. Furthermore, we are also expanding the range of greaseproof paper bags open at both ends with the “Big Burger” format for hamburgers and large rolls. This new format, which enables the food to be wrapped much better inside the bag, is available in our “Times” and “Parole” designs.

bolsas abiertas 2 lados times

Bags open at both ends “Times”

The greaseproof paper wrapping for receptacle presentation items include some of the star products from García de Pou. This catalogue offers new wrapping items in terms of both format and design.

The new mini format with “Times” design is perfect for small receptacles. This completes the range of sizes for all sorts of containers.

The new designs are provided by the “Parole” style. With this addition, we have brought four different versions of these wrapping items: “Fitipaldi”, “Times”, “Feel Green” and the newly arrived “Parole”, which also comes in another material – paper and aluminium – to improve impermeability.


Finally, we would like to highlight the new design of the “Ceres” bread and baguette bags featuring an ear of wheat. The name refers to the goddess of agriculture, grain crops and fertility from Roman mythology and is the root of the word “cereals”, directly alluding to the product they contain.


We will reveal more of the most outstanding new items in our 2019/2020 catalogue in upcoming articles so make sure you don’t miss any of the details to come in future instalments.

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