The summer heat is still with us and the sweltering temperatures mean people want to spend as much time as possible outside. With a focus on dining in the garden, at the campsite, on the terrace, etc. we offered some strong high-quality outdoor tableware ideas in our previous article. In this article, we would like to present solutions for protecting napkins and cutlery on outdoor tables. These high-quality disposable napkins are individually packed, resistant and soft. The covers protect the napkins and cutlery from adverse weather, meaning the table can be set in advance without having to worry about dust, humidity, etc.

Catering establishments with outdoor spaces (terraces, gardens, etc.) set tables before customers arrive so they can be served faster and so they can sit down as soon as they arrive. Leaving cutlery and napkins outside without protection can result in poor presentation. To avoid that, we have designed the Napoli wrapped napkins (pgs. 54 and 55 of the 2018/19 catalogue) and the Just in time cutlery sachets (pgs. 56 and 57).

Servilletas para exterior | NAPOLI

The Napoli napkin pouch with polypropylene wrapping (PP) ensure napkin hygiene. The packaging is transparent, meaning it is almost unnoticeable and allows the napkin colour (which can be chosen) to be seen. Each product range is made from different high-quality, soft and strong materials (airlaid, like linen and double point) and have a slit for inserting the cutlery and to make table presentation easier. The sachet can also be customised: with a printed image, logo, letters, etc., as desired.

The double point range includes a “feel green” model with a double-layer tissue napkin that is 100% recycled and wrapped in manila Kraft paper. The like linen and airlaid models are presented with a dispenser.

Servilletas NAPOLI | Feel Green

The Just in time sachets made from flexo or offset printed paper (depending on the model) with various designs can also be customised and there is a range of napkin colours to choose from. They contain a folded napkin and there are bags with and without a slit (new 2018/19) depending on whether you want them to contain the cutlery or not. Just like the pouch napkins, these bags allow tables to be set in advance and therefore make it easier to serve customers faster.

Just in Time | TIMES

For this type of bag, we are launching the models without slit in kraft and black kraft with white napkin (pg. 57 mod. 223.19 and 223.20).

With these protection ideas, García de Pou once again seeks to make things easier for the hotel sector and enable businesses to offer their best possible service to customers outside as well.

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