Garcia de Pou’s Halloween and Christmas catalogue is here!

We know that although it’s still summer and apparently the high temperatures will be with us a while longer, the season is coming to its end for you and, as it cannot be helped, you are already planning what is coming up next: change of habits, new tendencies and big celebrations like Christmas.

In García de Pou we syntonize with those who are already preparing everything in order to be ready on the great day.

So, you can already check our catalogue of Halloween and Christmas!



Don’t miss any little detail to lay a table for Christmas.


This year we have distributed products in three main categories:

  1. The Table
  2. The Presents
  3. The Party


The table

We have thought about everything necessary to lay a table for a party. Disposable tablecloths with a Christmas design, matching napkins, plates and trays especially designed for the occasion, ornaments, candles, glasses, silverware, etc.

Are your clients fans of the Like-Linen fabric? Then you will please them as we have to tablecloths, napkins and You-and-I rolls of the Like-Linen range also with Christmas pattern.



The wrapping is a part of the present. We offer bags, wrapping paper and boxes in all styles. Also biodegradable ones!


The presents

The wrapping is a part of the present, it’s the first impression. We offer a range of very different designs suitable for all tastes, so that bags, ribbons, wrapping paper, cardboard boxes for bottles and even baskets will be in tuning with any present.

Also, businesses who are commited to the environment will find their ideal packing solutions among our eco products.


cotillion bags

Pallet-box dispenser of cotillion bags. Extremely practical!


The party

During the Christmas season, several celebrations take place in a short time period, but the big party is New Year’s Eve.

We offer practical cotilion bags with a variety of formats and designs to be chosen from, from individual bags, to boxes for ten, twenty and fifty users.

Our best novelty this year is the pallet-box dispenser of cotillion bags, in a nice design, so you can show it off in your business or store. Absolutely practical and functional!

Have a look at our catalogue and let the party begin!!

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