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Work on expanding the installations at our factory in Ordis is moving along at a good pace. Two new warehouses have been built to streamline the depot and order picking area. This will double our storage capacity, provide easier access to a larger number of items and optimise the direct preparation of orders. Our final goal is to guarantee immediate supply to our customers regardless of the volume ordered and to reduce order preparation time to a minimum.

One of the new structures will contain a clad-rack warehouse with five machines built using the latest Japanese technology from Daifuku especially designed for high-performance logistics. The machines have already been installed and work is under way on the pre-assembly and installation of the electricity system, meaning this work is expected to conclude in little over one month. Internally, the warehouse will consist of five aisles with 20 rows of shelves on nine levels.

The other warehouse will be used for shipments and will consist of three levels with space to house 500 double pallets (in other words, stacking for 1,000 pallets). The lower level (or level 0) will be used for actual orders, where the goods will arrive from all the García de Pou warehouses and from where shipments will leave via 30 sorters and 12 immediate loading bays. An automatic sorting transfer vehicle (STV) system will be used to streamline order picking, as well as an automatic sorting system. A complex circuit of conveyor belts will collect products from their location and carry them to the picking area (level 1), where an operator will be preparing the order. There will be eight order preparation rows in this area with a total of 500 box collection points. There will also be a level -1 housing all the continuous transport and connecting the current clad-rack warehouse to the one being built. 95% of the warehouse structure has already been finished. Only the flooring on the three levels and the cladding remains to be done.

García de Pou - Ordis

The factory in Ordis will grow in size by approximately 15,000 m2 with this expansion, joining the 35,000 m2 of currently existing warehouse space. This will enable us to hold approximately 23,000 more pallets of finished product (22,000 in the clad-rack warehouse and 1,000 in the shipments warehouse).

Remaining loyal to the sustainability and environmental criteria that define our company, a significant amount of the budget for this major expansion project has been allocated to the installation of solar panels to provide 100% renewable energy to the machinery, which is already highly efficient in itself. The roof of the shipments warehouse will be covered with solar panels and the stacker cranes will be low-consumption.

The García de Pou expansion will very soon be a reality. We will be able to offer a better service and a faster response to our customers while ensuring that our structural growth has the least possible impact in terms of energy.

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