Delivery: gastronomic trend of 2022

That delivery would experience a boom after the onset of the pandemic was to be expected. What was perhaps less predictable was that food delivery would become the leading gastronomic trend of 2022, and, it seems, it is here to stay. What started out of necessity for the restaurant industry (with restaurants closed due to restrictions, they had to find a way to survive) is now a booming business. And this is evidenced by the fact that not only can you find the usual options, but now renowned chefs with several Michelin stars are also offering delivery services. You could say that home delivery food is living in its own golden age.

One of the first to take the plunge was chef Dabiz Muñoz, who with GoXo set out to bring his creations to your doorstep. Anyone can order one of his dishes to be delivered to their home and, following a few simple preparation instructions, have a go at being the best chef in the world. The Danish restaurant Noma, currently regarded as the best restaurant in the world, has also jumped on the bandwagon with a gourmet burger service, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home without even having to take off your slippers.

POPL is the new burger delivery project of the Noma group


This year, chefs Paco Roncero and Ramón Freixa launched a business specialising in burgers, a delivery classic, in which the XXL beef cheek burger and the four cheese burger particularly stand out. They have not abandoned Spanish cuisine, however, offering classics such as oxtail, croquettes and Russian salad, as well as some innovative dishes such as the foie Filipinos with white chocolate and cardamom and the grilled avocado roll.

With two Michelin stars each, Paco Roncero and Ramon Freixa have opened their own delivery service


Many renowned chefs, specialising in Mexican and Japanese food, offer gourmet starters in delivery format. But if there is one delivery service that stands out for its originality, it is the one recently launched by the distinguished Malaga-born chef Dani García, who has teamed up with three famous YouTubers, El Rubius, Vegetta and Willyrex, to launch a new line of food inspired by the world of video games. You can order anything from a Minecraft-style square pizza to a raspberry-flavour, Pop Rocks ‘unicorn ice cream’ with a chocolate croissant.

El Rubius (in the middle) with chef Dani García (right)


Although we all hope to see the back of capacity restrictions in bars and restaurants, trying a tasting menu from the best chef in the world in the comfort of your own living room has a special charm about it. And although we realise that you cannot bring the whole high-end restaurant experience into your home, you can at least take some of its flavour with you.

Multipurpose packaging for take away and delivery by García de Pou


For the experience to be complete, however, it is important that their tasty dishes win you over as soon as they enter your home. That’s why dishes are often presented in striking packaging, which is undoubtedly one of the keys to their success. The rise of delivery is not only bringing gourmet cuisine to a wider audience but also giving equal emphasis to the content and the container, so much so that it has become another of the year’s gastronomic trends. Consumers are no longer only concerned about the environmental impact of the products they consume, but also that the packaging in which the food reaches them is eco-friendly; in other words, recyclable, sustainable and, therefore, ecological.

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