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Tapas are much more than just a small portion. In Spain they are a sociable activity, a way of sharing with friends and family, a way of going out; it’s eating in company in a casual and spontaneous way. Tapas is such an established habit in the Spanish culture (although it’s not a very old custom, dating “only” from the 19th century), that the Minister of Culture proposed “Tapas” to be declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. Tapas don’t boast this title yet but nevertheless, there is World Tapas Day, which is celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of June.


Creative tapas, creative containers Garcia de Pou

Modern tapas mix ingredients and recipes from of all over the world.


The Spanish Hostelery Federation did some research that shows a few facts that won’t surprise you if you are a frequent consumer of “classic” tapas.

For instance:

  • The four most popular tapas are: tortilla (Omlette), patatas bravas (mini roast potatoes with chilli sauce and mayonaise), ensaladilla rusa (peas, potatoes, beans, tuna, egg and carrot all cut up into tiny pieces and mixed with mayonnaise) and croquetas (chicken, meat, ham, cheese base and fried in rolls).
  • Only 58,5% of businesses give them away with a drink order.
  • Otherwise, the average price is from 1,5 to 2,5 €
  • Customer eat from 1 to 3 tapas each
  • They are mostly consumed in the early to late evening
  • They are mostly accompanied with beer

But the world of tapas has evolved! Ever since Ferran Adrià started his career making tapas in El Bulli, he and his pupils created the “gastrobar” and “neotavern” concepts, making tapas slowly become, in many cases, small gastronomical gems; mini portions of enjoyable and affordable distilled creativity.



Surprise your customers with these cans. You can serve olives, sardines, grilled peppers…


In Garcia de Pou we are happy to accompany this creative trend with perfect containers for you to show off your origional tapas.

Are you looking for innovative tapas containers? Have a look at these:


You have to bear in mind that tapas are often eaten standing up by the bar counter. They must be easy to eat in just two or three bites, without getting dirty.

Enjoy making your own tapas, let your imagination run wild; you’ll find the perfect container in our catalogue for you to plate up your creations.


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