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New arrival: a very stylish basic

volare… oh, oh!… cantare… oh, oh, oh, oh!…” This song that brings summer holidays memories is the one that inspired the standard design of Garcia de Pou already twenty years ago! The drawing resembles fireworks, also typical of the summer soirées, have you ever wondered about? Continue Reading


Eating well has always been considered to be a pleasure and an experience that most long for.

The chef James Beard says: «Food is our commonality, a universal experience»

Catering services are meant to provide the same excellent experiences that we receive from restaurants, with the added difficulties that the culinary experience takes place in all sorts of spaces and conditions, together with completely differing time scales. What can we tell you that you don’t already know!?

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servilletas y manteles personalizados

Customized napkins and tablecloths, branding for restaurants

Customizing napkins and tablecloths in a restaurant is only one of many ways to use branding. Bear in mind that on average, a client waits for twenty minutes for their meal to be served, and that while they are waiting, they are often looking at the table… Why not use this precious time to remind them of who you are, what you offer and to give them a unique experience on your site. With customized napkins and tablecloths we create expectation for our clients and, most importantly, we make them a promise. Continue Reading

International trade fairs. Going around the world

Garcia de Pou started its participation in international trade fairs some years ago, and today the firm has clearly consolidated its presence in European exhibitions. In the first quarter of 2016 the company has presented the latest products at the five major trade shows of the sector: Paperworld and Ambiente (Frankfurt), Sigep (Rimini), Europain (Paris) and Hotelympia (London).

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