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Bufet desayunos | García de Pou

Breakfast, buffet style

Breakfast is a delicious treat every morning. When the alarm goes off, and we get up feeling relaxed and hungry, there’s nothing better than a great selection of food to make the first meal of the day a real feast.

We’re sure you’ll agree that one of the best things about travelling and staying in hotels is the breakfast. That’s because the great variety of products that a breakfast buffet offers is sure enough to make anyone hungry. Fortunately, however, these days this service is not exclusive to hotels, as some cafes and restaurants also offer lunch buffets to their diners.

Do you fancy breakfast?

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García de Pou

We’re adding new equipment to be more efficient and sustainable

We’re adding new equipment in 2018 and 2019 to increase production and meet customer demand even faster. However, another of our goals is to strengthen our resolve to comply with the proposed European Directive of 28/05/2018 on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products that suggests a number of items will soon be banned. This clearly highlights the need to prepare a decent offer of carton packaging and alternative materials.

At García de Pou, we are firmly committed to more sustainable materials. As a result, we have numerous machines focused on the manufacture of paper/cardboard products; materials that are environmentally-friendly and capable of replacing plastic.

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La elegancia de la comida para llevar

The elegance of takeaway food

The way we understand gastronomy is changing and a fine example of that is the rise in takeaway deliveries. This service has become a new niche market and a business option for many restaurants not wanting to waste the change to bring their cooking style into every home in the city.

Recent studies on the takeaway delivery sector strongly suggest that this business is growing because its target audience is becoming increasingly more varied. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the core target is made up by young, cosmopolitan people with an average disposable income whose orders in 2017 led to a contribution from the sector to the economy in Spain alone of 2.4 billion euros and an estimated more than 21 billion worldwide.

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Nos gusta el café | García de Pou

We like coffee

Ah, coffee! That aromatic and stimulating beverage that is enjoyed worldwide… A nice cup of coffee hits just the right spot at certain times of the day. It’s an inseparable companion for many people and has become an entire culture unto itself, with its own rites and customs.

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Parole is flooding the streets – Words that reach everybody

Like the fresh autumnal air, Parole is flooding the streets of our cities to become the best type of wrapping around. How better to protect our food than with a Parole-style dress?

Parole takes the shape of a fantastic branded suit, perfectly adaptable and ideal for food items. This disposable product has a vintage-style typographic design, builds an air of casual grace and recalls its Italian inspirations that carry you off to the country of dolce far niente. Its design plays with various graphical styles to add vibrancy to the packaging.

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The summer heat is still with us and the sweltering temperatures mean people want to spend as much time as possible outside. With a focus on dining in the garden, at the campsite, on the terrace, etc. we offered some strong high-quality outdoor tableware ideas in our previous article. In this article, we would like to present solutions for protecting napkins and cutlery on outdoor tables. These high-quality disposable napkins are individually packed, resistant and soft. The covers protect the napkins and cutlery from adverse weather, meaning the table can be set in advance without having to worry about dust, humidity, etc.

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People like enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner outside during the summer. Bars, beach bars and restaurants with a terrace, swimming pools, tourist resorts and campsites all become highly popular for pleasant outdoor evenings in the company of friends and family. In order to enable this type of business to offer the best possible service, we present a range of high-quality tableware for outdoor use.

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Novedades catálogo 2018/19 - part 3


There are still a few more new items in our 2018/19 catalogue that we would like to highlight. This time, we would like to present our new doilies made from natural kraft paper, the information stickers with allergy-related information and more additions to the American Style range of baskets, among other things.

To our range of black and white, round and rectangular doilies, we have added some delicate natural kraft paper doilies with ornamental die-cut designs (pg. 207, 225.06 to 225.11, 224.49 and 224.51 to 224.54). These are perfect for presenting tarts, cupcakes and all kinds of baking and pastry products. This paper is greaseproof and—being processed to a lesser degree—keeps its natural brown colour, something that evokes nature and is highly appreciated by consumers.

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We’re still talking about the new features and product range expansions in our catalogue. As part of the continuing replacement of plastic products with environmentally-friendly products, we now present new items made from PLA, wood, carton packaging and bamboo.

We would like to highlight the new line of products made from PLA, a material that besides being made from 100% natural resources such as corn starch, sugar cane or manioc, is the most mature bioplastic in the market. It is a strong and robust biodegradable and compostable material with an elegant appearance that is suitable for food products and freezing. PLA has become a perfect alternative to oil derivatives for disposable products given that it helps care for the environment (it can be treated as organic waste) and reduces our carbon footprint. In our new catalogue, you will find a range of PLA cups and cutlery (pg. 119).

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New products 2018-19


Our policy of respect for the environment gets stronger every year. We have been awarded environmental certifications that demonstrate our firm commitment to replacing plastic products with environmentally-friendly products. All this is clearly reflected in our new catalogue.

We have been awarded the prestigious ECOLABEL certificate for the majority of white tissue, single colour and recyclable napkins; the environmentally-friendly products we manufacture include rolled up towelettes, sachet wipes and Flush-Linen hand wipes, which are fully flushable, 100% biodegradable, 100% natural, contain no chemical binders, and are compostable and FSC/PEFC certified.

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