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Catalogue News 2019/2020 (III)

Here we are, presenting even more new items from the García de Pou catalogue. This time, we want to present a number of items from the stylish, reusable and robust dining set and tableware ranges that are available in our catalogue.

We have a galvanised steel buffet collection that is ideal for setting tables, displays and canteens for a retro or rural look, as well as a new melamine line in black with a brown stripe aimed at hotels, restaurants and catering companies that maintains the elegant look of porcelain while incorporating a more modern touch.

Focusing on the galvanised steel collection, you can see how the metal composition offers a rustic and original finish. This steel has been treated with a special lacquer for increased resistance to wear and to allow contact with food items. The collection consists of three round trays, a pitcher, an oval tray and a truncated mini cup, the perfect collection for using on buffets and table service as it can be used to hold all sorts of food and cutlery.

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The new melamine products comprise a series of strong bowls, plates, trays and mini pans that are dishwasher-proof, although it should be noted that they are not suitable for the microwave. With a look that is similar to porcelain, this elegant tableware range is erosion- and stain-resistant.

Another addition to the new catalogue can be found in the decorative imitation wood boards, especially suited to presenting food products such as cold meats, cheeses and all kinds of aperitifs. These melamine boards share all the same characteristics as the previously described material but stand out for their rustic imitation wood finish.

There are also newcomers in our line of long-lasting reusable table mats. The finish on these PVC table mats reflects quality and they have been made to be long-lasting and resistant. The various designs available mean that you can purchase the style that best suits the decoration in your restaurant, hotel or any other establishment. They are waterproof so there’s no need to fret if any liquids are spilt on them. They can be used indoors or outdoors, are recyclable and even resistant to all sorts of oils.

Finally, we would also like to highlight the new products in our Cool-Cotton design line, which include napkins in various sizes and luxury table mats.  The elegant design that characterises this line in silver on white or gold on black makes it the best choice for cocktail parties, aperitifs, events, weddings, catering services, etc. Made from 100% cotton, these products are biodegradable and customisable.

like linen

These are just some of the new additions to our 2019/2020 catalogue. Please do not hesitate to visit our website for more information or to discover all the other items we have designed for you.

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