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Breakfast, buffet style

Breakfast is a delicious treat every morning. When the alarm goes off, and we get up feeling relaxed and hungry, there’s nothing better than a great selection of food to make the first meal of the day a real feast.

We’re sure you’ll agree that one of the best things about travelling and staying in hotels is the breakfast. That’s because the great variety of products that a breakfast buffet offers is sure enough to make anyone hungry. Fortunately, however, these days this service is not exclusive to hotels, as some cafes and restaurants also offer lunch buffets to their diners.

Do you fancy breakfast?

In these types of spaces you’ll find different sections divided up into cold foods, hot foods and drinks. All of them are distributed in perfect harmony so that their presentation makes them even more appetising. García de Pou boasts all the necessary tableware to make your establishment’s breakfast buffet also the perfect place for having lunch.

Dispensadores | García de Pou

Imagine strolling through the dining hall and finding the cold section replete with the finest cheeses and charcuterie displayed on wooden platters with mini blackboards, so you know exactly what you are choosing. What would you prefer? Emmental or Havarti cheese? Just take a look at the blackboard and you’ll know just what to go for. You’ll also find a selection of bread placed in special baskets so that you can choose the type that appeals to you the most, whether that’s white bread, wholemeal bread or mixed grain bread. And then, you can slice it on a bamboo board, which is perfect for food.

However, if you’re a celiac, you’ll be able to choose gluten-free bread from another basket, which is completely separate to avoid contamination.

Sweet products will be to the right-hand side, placed on a large display stand filled with all kinds of pastries and, next to it, another stand with homemade cakes.

Nevertheless, if you’re the type of person that prefers a hot breakfast, you will find a plate warmer along with the most typical food in the hot food section.

Finally, a buffet wouldn’t be complete without the natural fruit juice section, where you can enjoy an orange juice squeezed with a fruit juicer, and the coffee area, where you can savour a freshly made espresso.

Consumers have learnt to appreciate the materials that are used to serve food and their quality. That is why at García de Pou we use high quality materials, such as bamboo for example, which are environmentally friendly and preserve the food in perfect conditions and maintain hygiene.

Desayunos bufet | García de Pou

Would you like to know more about our displays and materials? If so, you are more than welcome to visit us for breakfast so that we can show you everything in person, or, if you prefer, you can see them in our online catalogue.

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