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We’re adding new equipment to be more efficient and sustainable

We’re adding new equipment in 2018 and 2019 to increase production and meet customer demand even faster. However, another of our goals is to strengthen our resolve to comply with the proposed European Directive of 28/05/2018 on reducing the environmental impact of certain plastic products that suggests a number of items will soon be banned. This clearly highlights the need to prepare a decent offer of carton packaging and alternative materials.

At García de Pou, we are firmly committed to more sustainable materials. As a result, we have numerous machines focused on the manufacture of paper/cardboard products; materials that are environmentally-friendly and capable of replacing plastic.

The latest additions

In October, we began operating a machine for making bags open on two sides in different designs for kebabs, crepes, tacos and hot dogs (pg. 185 of the 2018-2019 catalogue), which will enable us to double current production capacity and include a new size for this type of bag (23×25.5cm) with TIMES (old magazine adverts with Kraft and white backgrounds) and PAROLE designs. The launch of these products is scheduled for April 2019, coinciding with the first edition of the general catalogue.

Bolsas abiertos 2 lados

At the end of November, we will start using a new machine for making greaseproof wrapping for hamburgers, chips, hot dogs, etc. (pp. 188 and 189).

Envueltas antigrasas

In early 2019, we will be adding three machines for making cardboard containers, such as the containers for chips, tapas, etc. (pg. 241), hamburger boxes (pg. 230) and American boxes with or without window (pp. 238 and 129), all of them in different designs.

During the first four-month period of next year, we will also start using a packing machine for the production of “canguro” and “cangurito” napkins (pp. 40 and 41). This new machine will guarantee more automated production, thereby increasing production capacity significantly.

Having seen an increase in the sale of paper bags due to the application of European regulations on reducing the consumption of plastic bags, by mid- to late 2019 we will also add a new machine for making SOS bags, in various formats and with or without handles (pp. 196 to 203).

All this is being done to offer improved product quality and greater service efficiency to our customers, while always remaining focused on looking after the environment.

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